Types of Fish You Shouldn’t Eat

Tuna, mackerel, salmon, and sardines are some of the best types of fish to consume. They’re easy to prepare with numerous preparation options to suit the taste buds of all consumers. Of course, we all love great Sushi in Denver, and catfish is in a class of its own. While you can feel good about serving or consuming any of these types of fish, some aren’t so good to eat. It is important to know the fish that you shouldn’t eat if you want to avoid risking your good health. Read below to learn more about those types of fish.


There are many different types of tilefish out there but the EPA does not define them distinctly. No matter what type of tilefish you find in the water, don’t eat it because it contains excessively high levels of mercury and other condiments. Risks are especially high for children and seniors who eat the fish.

Eel & Orange Roughy are Off Limits

Eel is one such type of fish that you should avoid eating. Although used in many sushi dishes, many say that it is best to avoid altogether because of the many risks that it poses. The eel stores many contaminants like PCB which can be harmful when consumed.

Orange roughy has an incredibly cool name and its looks are just as exciting. But keep the love to sight only and avoid consuming this fish. Not only is it overfished, it also contains high mercury levels that we all know can be harmful when consumed.

Avoid Eating Swordfish

The name alone should cause you to take a nudge back. Don’t eat the swordfish because, like most of the other fish on the list, it is high in contaminants and eating it could be more harmful than helpful. In fact, swordfish has some of the highest mercury levels of any fish in the sea! This one is way off limits!

Sushi in Denversharks

It’s a Shark Thing

Don’t consume shark meat, even blackfin shark or other commonly served types. Some people may find it a delicacy but it is far too risky to eat. It is high in mercury levels and that is only one of the risks that you endure if consuming shark meat. Since sharks eat other fish, they also pose risk of transferring other contaminants to you if eaten.


Bluefish isn’t entirely off the menu. The truth is it can bring a plethora of health benefits when it is consumed. However, only certain types provide the great taste and health benefits. Choose only a well-known provider to get bluefish or consume it from.

Fish is healthy and delicious to eat, but not every type of fish matches this definition. Avoid eating any of the types of fish above and you’ll reduce worry and health risks without missing out on the tasty seafood that you want to enjoy. While we all love seafood, we don’t love getting sick. So, make sure you avoid eating these types of fish and keep risks low.