Why Westerners Are Enjoying Their Indian Cuisine


One of the most famous and much loved Indian dishes is that of chicken tikka. The full dish name given to what has been preconceived to be an authentic Indian dish, originating from the Asian sub-continent, has been found to be nothing of the kind. Correctly defined in the English language, the famous chicken tikka dish is chicken tikka masala without its sauce. Today, Indian Dishes continue to enjoy its universal appeal.

Perhaps this has something to do with it wide variety of culinary and cultural options as opposed to the common Western appeal for extremely strong or spicily flavored curry dishes, not fully appreciating that a majority of authentic Indian dishes do not always curry favor with its strength and utilize many other spices and ingredients that enhance its aromas. Originally, strong spices were added to the dishes of the lower caste households.

The strong sensation of warm or hot spices gave poor households the satiating feeling that they were quite full after what could have been the only meal of the day. Now, it is well-known that the monsoon climate for most of the sub-continental region is warm to hot and humid. Not so for most Westerners, particularly those on the European continent and the British Isles. One survey taken among regular restaurant visitors in the UK leaves its indelible impression as to why folks in this region prefer the hottest and spiciest dishes.

Winters can be quite cold and harsh over there. And the hotter the dish, the warmer it leaves its consumer. There is a cultural legacy about authentic Indian dishes enjoyed by a majority of British consumers. You see, over the years, there have been many cases of mass migrations from the Indian sub-continent to the UK over the years, stretching as far back as the years when Britain pretty much ruled over India with an iron fist.

As migrants settled in Britain’s famously bustling and growing cities, they lived up to their fine tradition of being merchants, bringing with them all their fine spices and recipes. Today, restaurants specializing in Indian cuisine continue to do a roaring trade in most British cities. And the chicken tikka masala dish is not indigenous to the Indian sub-continent. It was one Indian trader cooking in his kitchen somewhere in Scotland who invented the dish.

It emanated from one customer complaining that his chicken was too dry. So, the Indian-born chef improvised on this shortcoming by concocting a mixture of cream, tomatoes, spices and yogurt. And so the legend grew. Chicken tikka masala is enjoyed the world over in however many variations you choose to try out. Now, should you attempt to be as authentic as possible with this dish, you can do so in the following way.

Indian Dishesauthentic Indian dishes

What you will be doing is baking boneless chicken pieces already marinated in its spices and yogurt. This dish originates from another famous dish known as Tandoori. But now enjoyed without the bones.